Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction

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Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction provides leading-edge diagnosis and treatment for every type of colorectal disorder that can occur in infants, children and adolescents, from the most common to the most complex.

Our Unique Approach to Pediatric Colorectal Disorders

Our division is led by world-renowned pediatric colorectal surgeon, Marc Levitt, M.D., who has expertise in treating the full spectrum of pediatric colorectal conditions and has performed over 10,000 surgeries—more than any other surgeon trained in pediatric colorectal surgery worldwide.

Our multidisciplinary pediatric colorectal division integrates services across all the specialties that provide care for colorectal conditions in children. Colorectal procedures are often combined with urologic and gynecologic procedures to minimize the amount of surgeries a child may require.

Choosing Children's National for Pediatric Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction

As the only pediatric colorectal and pelvic reconstruction division in the United States with this level of expertise, there are many reasons to choose Children’s National Pediatric Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction for your child’s treatment and care. In addition to our integrated team, we offer:

  • Access to the most experienced and renowned pediatric colorectal specialists in the field.
  • Exceptional surgical expertise for even the most complex colorectal disorders.
  • Dedicated, compassionate nurses who are specially-trained in caring for patients with complex pediatric colorectal disorders.
  • The latest advanced diagnostic and surgical treatment, using minimally invasive techniques.
  • A comprehensive Bowel Management Program to help achieve optimal bowel function.

Bowel Management Program

The Division of Pediatric Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction offers a comprehensive Bowel Management Program that provides customized treatment for children who experience constipation and/or fecal incontinence (the inability to control their bowels). Children who benefit from the program experience problems with constipation or incontinence for a variety of reasons and may have other medical conditions such as:

  • Previously repaired anorectal malformations and cloacal malformations
  • Previously repaired Hirschsprung disease 
  • Motility disorder and severe and chronic constipation (encopresis)
  • Spinal disorders that affect the bowel (spina bifida, myelomeningocele, absent sacrum, sacrococcygeal teratoma)

Our division uses a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, with access to all of the pediatric colorectal specialists needed to oversee your child’s care in one place. We address all of the behavioral and/or medical issues that are contributing to a child’s problems with fecal incontinence.

Pediatric Colorectal Conditions

Understanding your child's condition is an important step on your treatment journey. Our team treats every type of colorectal condition, with a special focus on the following:

  • Anorectal Malformations

    Our colorectal surgeons diagnose and treat anorectal malformations, a congenital defect that occurs when a baby's anal opening, rectum and associated nerves do not properly develop. 

  • Chronic Constipation, Fecal Incontinence and Motility Problems

    Our colorectal specialists provide expert treatment for the full spectrum of colorectal disorders that cause chronic constipation, fecal incontinence and motility problems in children.

  • Cloacal Malformations

    We offer the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatment for cloacal malformations, a type of anorectal malformation that occurs in developing female fetuses.

  • Fecal and Urinary Incontinence Related to the Spine

    We offer expert treatment and care for children with spinal conditions, including spina bifida and myelomeningocele, that cause fecal and urinary incontinence.

  • Hirschsprung Disease Related to Colorectal

    We provide the latest advancements in surgical treatment for Hirschsprung disease, a congenital condition that causes colorectal problems.

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Stella's Story

"Stella’s surgeon recommended international expert Marc Levitt, M.D., and his team for the surgery, due to his vast experience in repairing challenging cases like Stella’s."