Prenatal Pediatrics

Newborn baby girl

When babies show health risks before they’re born, the Prenatal Pediatrics Institute at Children’s National Hospital provides the diagnosis, treatment and support parents and their children need. Through research, expertise, coordinated and advanced care, personalized treatment plans, and more, we are dedicated to helping your baby get the best possible start in life.

Our experts work closely with you and your obstetrician or maternal-prenatal medicine specialist to help you understand your baby’s condition. This helps make sure your baby has a seamless transition from the womb to receiving the best care after birth.

Choosing Children’s National for Prenatal Pediatrics Care

At the Prenatal Pediatrics Institute, we diagnose and treat unborn babies who show signs of potential health risks, including abnormal prenatal development. Our team – which includes top physicians in every specialty – can diagnose your baby and provide consultation with subspecialists all in the same day.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Innovative Care for Your Unborn Baby

    Our groundbreaking research allows us to diagnose prenatal conditions earlier. This helps your family get answers to important questions and start planning for your baby’s future needs. 
  • Expertise

    Adre Du Plessis, M.B.Ch.B., an international expert in normal and abnormal development of the prenatal brain, leads our team of 50 experts in more than 19 pediatric subspecialties.
  • Fully Coordinated Care

    Because all of our specialists are in one location, we can arrange for you to meet with any specialists that you need in a single visit.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    We provide you detailed information, including multiple treatment options, to meet your baby’s needs. 
  • Advanced Neonatal Care

    From life-saving heart surgery to specialized critical care programs, we deliver advanced care starting the moment your baby is born. 
  • Pioneering Research

    Our expert team is involved in innovative research to help advance the field of prenatal pediatrics and treatment for the future.