Your First Visit | Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Your First Visit

Female doctor conducts eye exam with little girl in a patient exam room.

As you prepare for your stay at Children’s National Medical Center, know that our team will be by your side to help in any way you need throughout your visit.

Here are important things to know about what to pack and what to expect during your stay:

  • Before You Arrive

    To prepare for your first appointment at Children’s National, please bring your child’s complete medical records in English. These records will be needed at your child’s first appointment. These should include:

    • Medical records, including specialists’ reports, history and physicals, laboratory, radiology scans and pathology slides
    • Imaging, including all scans relevant to your child’s care (MRIs, CTs, etc.)
    • A summary letter from your child’s physician that discusses the details of all diagnoses, treatments your child has received, and testing that has been conducted
    • Contact information for all primary care and specialty physicians
    • Immunization records that have been translated into English (for any children traveling with you)
    • A list of medications

    We also recommend packing the following important items for your child and your family for your stay:

    • Valid photo identification (visa, passport or international driver’s license). This is required upon check-in at the hospital
    • Visas
    • Passports
    • Medication
    • Medical equipment

    Read more information about what to bring if you're staying overnight at the hospital.

  • When You Arrive

    When you arrive in the United States, settle into your accommodations and follow these steps in preparation for your appointment.

    • Plan to arrive at least one to two days prior to your initial appointment.
    • Inform the Global Services team of your arrival by calling the office at +1-202-476-5778 or emailing.
    • Plan to arrive at the hospital one hour before your initial appointment. Allow time for parking and filling out any necessary paperwork prior to your scheduled appointment time.
    • Check in at the Welcome Desk. Inform the attendant that you are a Global Services patient and they will direct you to the Global Services office.
    • Upon arrival to our office, your patient care coordinator will greet your family and go over your treatment plan and appointment schedule. In addition, a member of our clinical team will complete an in-depth medical history and physical examination of your child.

    If you cannot make your appointment or are going to be late, it is your responsibility to inform the Global Services team, as well as your sponsor (if applicable). Failure to do so may result in discontinuation of care.

  • Utilizing Interpreter Services

    At all times during your stay at Children’s National, we provide a translator either in person, via phone or through our Martti video system, to assist you in communicating about your child’s health.