Family Support Resources | Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Family Support Resources

Doctor examines little girl and listens to her heart with a stethoscope while mother watches.

At Children’s National Medical Center, we know it’s not just the children who need support and guidance. We’ve created an experience designed with children and families in mind, a place focused on their unique physical and emotional needs. Every day, we go above and beyond to treat children and families with respect and compassion.

We offer a variety of services for our families, including: 

  • Chaplaincy Services

    Board-certified chaplains provide important spiritual and mental health services to all families and patients in the hospital. Children's National also has two chapels for patients, families and staff seeking a quiet space for prayer or meditation.
  • Support Groups

    Children’s National offers various support groups for families to exchange helpful information, provide solace to one another and offer tips to help in caring for their children.
  • Volunteer Services

    Our volunteers are committed to relieving stress and boredom by interacting with patients as well as providing relief to caregivers and family members.