Referring a Patient

A young boy grins at his caregiver as he undergoes an exam.

More than 2,000 patients from 25 countries around the world have sought care at Children’s National Hospital through our Global Services Program. We welcome referrals from our peers at international facilities and actively engage in telehealth to provide video consultations and care.

When you contact our Global Services team to refer a patient, we will help you determine the best treatment plan and will coordinate all of your patient’s medical appointments when they visit Children’s National. To refer a patient, please contact us at +1-202-476-5778 or

You may also fax any necessary patient records to +1-202-476-3875.

View our Global Services Physician Directory.

International Remote Second Opinion Program

Learn about our Remote Second Opinion Program, where a Children's National physician can review your patient's medical information and compile a comprehensive report to inform decisions for follow-up care.