Our Family-Centered Care Philosophy | Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Our Family-Centered Care Philosophy

A Middle Eastern family sits on a city bench and embrace their 7-month-old son.

At Children’s National Medical Center, we know that children are not just miniature adults – their bodies and minds are in a constant state of growth and change. That’s why it’s so important for your child to be cared for by our experts in pediatric medicine. When you choose Children’s National, your family will get more than the best doctors and nurses – you’ll get peace of mind.

When a child is diagnosed with an illness, our first goal is to find the best care for that child – and as a health system focused on children, we’re uniquely positioned to provide the best care possible. But we also understand that it isn’t only the child who needs support, care, guidance and assistance. Children’s National provides support services for families that span their range of needs, from social workers to pastoral care chaplains.

We focus on our patients’ emotional health as well as their physical health, providing age-appropriate play experiences, access to fresh air in our Healing Garden and music and art therapy. Children’s National also encourages parents and other family members to participate in their child’s care plan, collaborating with doctors and nurses as integral members of our patient care teams. With your help and insights, we will work together to put your child’s – and your family’s – needs first.

Learn about the excellent care children and families from outside of the United States will receive from our Global Services team when they seek care from our specialists. You’ll also get a look at our Children’s National Research Institute (CNRI), where efforts to find innovative solutions to childhood diseases are among the best in health care in the United States and around the world.