Becoming an International Patient | Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Becoming an International Patient

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Our Global Services team understands the challenges of traveling abroad for medical care and is readily available to assist you with every aspect of your journey, including appointment scheduling, interpretation services and making sure your cultural and religious needs are being met. We also have representatives in several countries that can help as you make plans to travel to the United States.

Sponsored Patients

If your child’s care is sponsored, you will coordinate directly with the sponsor regarding the initial aspects of becoming a Children’s National patient.

Self-Pay Patients

Children’s National is sensitive to the needs of all children and shares an equitable compassion for their continued well-being. We receive requests to offer medical care to children from around the world. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to extend financial assistance to patients coming from overseas.

Here's what you can expect when you reach out to Children's National Hospital for your child's care: 
  • Medical Consultation

    If you would like to request a medical consultation, please contact the Global Services team.

    In order to facilitate a review of medical records by our specialists, we ask that you provide the following materials in English:

    • Most recent medical reports (include as a PDF)
    • Copies of all pathology, laboratory, surgery or diagnostic imaging reports, as well as a CD containing requested images.

    Once we receive the requested documents and a completed Patient Request Form (which we will provide), we will share the documents with our specialists. The medical review process generally takes five to seven business days.

    Please note: If a comprehensive medical review or second opinion is requested, hospital and physician fees may apply. The Global Services team will advise you in advance of the estimated costs associated with these services.

    After the review of your child’s medical records has been completed, our team will contact you with an opinion of your child's condition based on the information provided. Depending upon the proposed plan of care recommended by our specialists and the availability of treatment at our hospital, our team will work with you regarding the next steps to become a patient at Children’s National.

  • Cost Estimate

    Based on the proposed plan of care, our team will create a cost estimate that itemizes the cost for services needed at the time of the medical consultation.

    Please note that our specialists and team work together to provide you with an accurate medical opinion and financial assessment based on the information received. It is important to understand that the cost estimate is not a final bill, and does not include additional services that may be recommended at the time of the in-person evaluation or subsequent treatment. The estimate may not include costs such as supplies, pharmacy purchases, medical equipment or additional therapies. Following the initial examination and based on the physician's recommendations, the cost estimate will be revised accordingly.

    Once the cost estimate is provided to you, a payment equaling the full cost of the estimate is due before your appointments can be scheduled.

  • Coordinating and Scheduling Care

    After the financial requirements for treatment have been met, a Global Services patient care coordinator will schedule your child’s appointments based on the proposed treatment plan provided by our specialists. After your appointments have been confirmed, we will provide you with an appointment confirmation letter for your child.

    You will use the appointment confirmation letter to apply for a visa. We recommend booking your flights and accommodations after the visa process is complete and you’ve received confirmation. Please note that Children’s National cannot guarantee that patients will be approved for a visa.

  • Preparing for Your Visit

    When you travel to another country for care, it can seem daunting to figure out the best accommodations for your family and how to get around the area. Below, you will find our recommendations for places to stay and how to travel to and from the Washington, D.C., metro region.

  • Check-in Call with Global Services

    The Global Services team will act as your primary contact throughout your treatment and stay at Children’s National. One week prior to your arrival, we will schedule a call with your assigned patient care coordinator and a member of our clinical team. During the call, our clinical team and coordinator will also take time to discuss the following:

    • A review of your child’s medical history
    • Your appointment schedule
    • Expectations upon arrival to Children’s National

    Discover what to expect during your visit.

Learn about the excellent care children and families from outside of the United States will receive from our Global Services team when they seek care from our specialists. You’ll also get a look at our Children’s National Research Institute (CNRI), where efforts to find innovative solutions to childhood diseases are among the best in health care in the United States and around the world.